Growing number of women complaints about low sexual desire

Jul 12 2018 03:28 PM
Growing number of women complaints about low sexual desire



Nowadays a growing number of women say they experience low sexual desire. In a survey done by Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors (GSSAB) they found that 26 to 43% of women say the need for sex has not been high on their list of late.

There are a number of reasons why some women experience low sexual desire-

1. If you were brought up in a very conservative or religious household, you might view sex as something to fear or be bad and be less inclined to explore it.

2. If you feel like you don't fit into the idea of sexy, then feeling the need to perform can be difficult. However, being overweight does not mean you can't be sexual.

3. Trauma can affect the body. Sexual trauma can shut down sensation in women's genitals.

4. Hormonal changes of menopause are the most common reason for pain with intercourse.

5. Studies have found testosterone is a big driving force of libido in women. It increases the desire for sexual behavior.

6. Health issues impact your want or need for sex.

7. Sometimes the biggest issue is no time. According to experts having a healthy sex life can help reduce illness and depression.

8. Despite popular belief, fighting does not make your sex life better. Trust all you need for a healthy sex life.

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