If you buy goods from Muslim hawkers, will have to pay a fine of Rs 5100

Udaipur: A new initiative has been taken to protest the murder of a tailor in Udaipur. In fact, a decree has been issued not to buy goods from Muslim hawkers in Banaskantha, Gujarat. At the same time, the reaction of the Banaskantha administration has come to light on Saturday. In fact, the administration has said that the instruction is given to shopkeepers on the letter pad of the gram panchayat of the Vaghasan Group not to buy goods from "Muslim hawkers" is not official. Let us tell you all that according to a news agency, Banaskantha District Development Officer Swapnil Khare said that the person who has signed the order on the letter pad of the Waghasan Group Gram Panchayat does not have the authority to do so, as the panchayat is currently under an administrator and elections are to be held for the post of sarpanch.

Khare said, "The administrator has issued a clarification stating that the letter issued is baseless and no one needs to follow it. Legal action will be taken against those spreading rumours. The letter pad of June 30 is being rapidly made viral at this time. It said shopkeepers in Waghasan village should not buy goods from hawkers (traders) of the Muslim community in view of the tailor's murder in Udaipur. It bears the signature and stamp of former sarpanch Mafiben Patel.''

At this time, after it went viral on entire social media, the letter, which came to the notice of the local administration, said, "If any shopkeeper is seen taking goods from Muslim traders, then he will be fined Rs 5,100 and the money will be given to the contributed goshala." At the same time, Khare said, "No one has the right to issue such a letter pad. The person issuing the letter is a former sarpanch. The sarpanch is to be elected and it is currently under the administrator."

In a statement issued by the Banaskantha district administration, Waghasan Gram Panchayat Administrator RR Chaudhary was quoted as saying that he came to know about what was written in the letter pad through social media. Not only this, the release said that the Vahasana group gram panchayat has been divided and the Waghasan gram panchayat has been separated. An administrator was appointed for it on November 2 last year. Further, the release also said, "At present, Talati-cum-Minister of Savpura, RR Chaudhary is working as the administrator of the Vagasan Gram Panchayat. Thus, this letter pad is not written by the existing Vaghasan gram panchayat nor does it support it. Legal action will be taken against those who do so."

As you all would know, tailor Kanhaiyalal was murdered in Udaipur on June 28 by two men who, in a video posted online, said that "he has avenged the insult to Islam." So far, four people have been arrested on charges of murder.

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