Man never wears helmet while riding bike, yet police is unable to deduct challan

Ahmedabad: It is mandatory to wear helmets to ride motorcycles on the road. No matter what state you live in. But today we are going to tell about a person who never wears a helmet but still, the police don't cut his challan. The man lives in Gujarat and no one can do anything to him even if he breaks the traffic rule (not wearing a helmet) in front of the police. It must sound somewhat strange, but absolutely true.

According to the report, the man's name is Zakir Memon. He is a resident of Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat. In fact, once the police saw Zakir riding a bike without a helmet, he was stopped. He had all the car papers. When asked why he was not wearing a helmet, he said, "Sir, I want to wear it." But somewhere my size doesn't get a helmet at all. Sir, the size of my head is big. Due to which the helmet does not adjust to the head. Now tell me what I can do. I understand and follow all traffic rules.

The policemen were stunned to hear Zakir's reply. The police themselves tried to wear several helmets. But he didn't get any helmet fit. Zakir was then left without cutting the challan. Zakir told police that no helmet in the market is the size of his head, so he is not able to wear a helmet. Zakir also told police that he searched for a helmet of his size all over the city, but he has not yet found a helmet of that size.

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