Gujarat's Somnath temple doors open for 'darshan' after 61 days

Jun 11 2021 02:30 PM
Gujarat's Somnath temple doors open for 'darshan' after 61 days

Ahmedabad: All temples in Gujarat were closed for the past two months due to the second wave of corona epidemic, but now that the covid figures have come down, the Gujarat government has decided to reopen the temples so that devotees can visit God, but devotees will have to follow the corona guideline before entering the temple.

The Somnath temple in Gujarat has reportedly been opened to devotees from June 11 after 61 days of closure. Devotees can also visit Dwarka, Pavagarh, Chotila, Vadtal and Santram temples from today, while the Ambaji temple will be opened 57 days later from June 12. However, devotees will not be allowed to stand outside the mother's sanctum sanctorum right now and they will have to pay obeisance as they walk.  The temple of Lord Dwarkadhish had been closed for a long time due to the Corona epidemic, but now devotees have been allowed to go here since Friday. Devotees have been asked to take special care of masks, sanitize and social distensing for entry into the temple. At the same time, 50 people have been allowed to go to the temple complex to prevent congestion.

According to the information, Bajrangdas Bapa Temple in Bagdana will be opened after June 15. While the opening of the Dakor temple is yet to be ascertained. A meeting will be held to open this temple only after which a decision will be taken.

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