A girl reached America after escaping from Pakistan, narrated how women are oppressed in Pakistan

Washington: Examples of what kind of oppression women are subjected to in Pakistan continue to emerge. Meanwhile, a girl from Pakistan has fled to America. She was forced to live in secret by Pakistani authorities. She fled to the US in August and has asked the United States to give her political asylum. The name of this girl is being described as Gulalai Ismail.

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Ismail has been targeted by Pakistani authorities because she exposed the atrocities committed by the country's army. Ismail was accused of treason by Pakistan after which she fled to America. According to the report, she is currently living in Brooklyn with her sister. She has not yet told how she escaped from Pakistan as she says she has not flown from any airport.

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Ismail said, 'I will not give you more information about this. The story of my escape from the country can endanger the lives of many people.' At the same time, no politician is avoiding commenting on it. In New York, Ismail has started meeting some of the chief human rights defenders and employees of Congress leaders.

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