Gulfam Kills Wife in Meerut After Influence by Maulvi, Arrested
Gulfam Kills Wife in Meerut After Influence by Maulvi, Arrested

Lucknow: A shocking incident unfolded in Abdullahpur of Meerut's Bhawanpur on March 13th when Gulfam murdered his wife, Mursleen, under the alleged influence of a Muslim cleric. Gulfam first strangled his wife with a wire and then fatally severed her throat with scissors before fleeing the scene. However, he was apprehended by the police on March 14th.

According to Superintendent of Police (SP) Dehat Kamlesh Bahadur, Gulfam was captured near Fort Parikshitgarh village in Bahadarpur. The accused confessed that frequent arguments with his wife over their inability to conceive led him to seek guidance from a cleric. The cleric purportedly warned him of potential danger between them, fueling Gulfam's belief that his wife posed a threat to his life, prompting him to take drastic action.

The brutal crime occurred while Mursleen was preparing tea for Gulfam on the morning of March 13th. After rendering her unconscious with a wire, Gulfam used scissors to slit her throat. Sanjay Dwivedi, in-charge of the Bhawanpur police station, confirmed the recovery of the scissors and filed a murder report against Gulfam and four others, with investigations ongoing into the involvement of the additional suspects.

Gulfam, hailing from Abdullahpur, had been married to Mursleen, a resident of Muzaffarnagar's Kakrauli police station area, for eight years. Despite their lengthy marriage, the couple struggled with infertility. Mursleen had been staying with her parents for the past eighteen months. Recently, Gulfam and five family members convened a panchayat in Muzaffarnagar village, reaching an agreement to bring Mursleen back home.

However, on the night of March 12th, a heated altercation between Gulfam and Mursleen ensued, resulting in a brutal assault on the latter. Initially suspected of being murdered in her sleep, Mursleen's body was discovered by children playing nearby the next morning. The Bhawanpur police initiated an investigation, contacting the victim's family and conducting a post-mortem examination. Mursleen's father, Hashim, filed a complaint implicating Gulfam, Niaz, Aslam, and two others in the heinous crime.

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