Gurgaon: Truck overturned on Car, three dead

Gurgaon: Stopping a car on the road to see the incident on the KMP Expressway in Gurgaon became a mourning for a person. The truck coming at a high speed overturned on the person's car. Which led to the tragic death of three family members in the car. The car driver survived because he walked on the road to see the accident.

According to the information, Narendra Kumar Gautam, hailing from Palwal Sector 2, left for Rohtak in the morning with son Sandeep, son-in-law Ganesh Shankar Gautam and son-in-law's mother Satyavati. As soon as they reached the Rewasan toll tax on KMP Road, they saw an accident. Putting the car on the side, they went to see the accident. While Sandeep, Ganesh and Satyavati were sitting in the car. Then suddenly a high-speed truck arrived and uncontrollably overtook the divider and overturned their car.

All three people were overwhelmed by this. Only Narendra Kumar's life was saved because he had gone to see the accident at that time. Police were informed about the accident and by the time the truck was removed from the top of the car, they had died. Police reached the scene and took the body and took it for postmortem.

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