Osho Guru Purnima special : The Day devoted to All Gurus

Jul 26 2018 04:17 PM


Every year on the full moon of July, the Hindi month of Ashadh, followers gather at the feet of their Guru to express their gratitude towards him, as this expression is very blissful and celebrative. Osho followers in India and the rest of the world meet in Osho meditation centres to meditate and celebrate the holy day.

 Worth mention here Osho lovers came to be present at a 5-day Guru Purnima Mahotsav  which is also known as Osho Full Moon Festival at Oshodham on 22-26 July. It was enthusiastically awaited and the disciples from all over India turned up in great number.

Osho says about this special which is devoted to mentors: " this Guru Purnima Day is the day of all the Buddhas, all those who have become aware. In their remembrance, become aware. The grove is here in front of you. You can see that luminous light. It is here! You can hear that celestial sound; that music is happening. And you can be soaked into my fragrance. It depends on you -- how much you are ready to take, how much you are willing to take..."

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