Car battery to operate oxygen concentrater, Gurugram engineer discovers technology
Car battery to operate oxygen concentrater, Gurugram engineer discovers technology

New Delhi: The second wave of corona virus has created a hue and cry in the country. Long queues outside the hospital, pleading for non-availability of beds, wandering from door to door for oxygen cylinders. People have suffered a lot because of corona and life still doesn't seem to be getting back on track. But in this difficult time there are some people who are helping a lot through their efforts. One such person is Umesh Raheja, an engineer by profession and is changing people's lives through inventions.

Now they have invented an invention that will give oxygen to corona patients in time and not even kill them. Umesh believes that patients can be saved by adding oxygen concentraters to the car's battery. They point out that a 12-volt backup of the car's battery can be connected to the inverter. By doing this, the 12 Volt backup will be 220 Volts and can be operated by an oxygen concentrater for hours comfortably.

After this one invention, the family members of the victim will no longer need to plead with the ambulance drivers. Now they won't even have to pay their arbitrary prices. Umesh has stressed that this is an invention that can be made meaningful through any car. There will be time left, money will be saved, and above all, life will be saved. Umesh is a resident of Himachal, so when there is no electricity in the hill state, he uses any power equipment comfortably through this technique of his. Whether it's a laptop or another device.

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