Gurugram: Muslim mob arrives in-ground for Namaz, accused of beating up boys playing cricket there

Chandigarh: Prayers are now being opposed in other regions of Gurugram, Haryana, such as on the streets and in public places. On Friday, a large group of Muslims gathered at a public area in Gurugram's Sector-37 to perform prayers, generating a slew of troubles for the residents. It has sparked outrage among Hindus in the area. This site is in the village of Khandsa. It is not only used by the locals to install automobiles, but it is also where many young people play cricket.

The Muslim crowd that arrived for Namaz allegedly misbehaved with the boys playing cricket in Khandsa village. Locals have stated that any unauthorised occupancy of this public space would not be tolerated. The boys playing cricket on the pitch refused to leave the public ground in their hamlet when the Muslim crowd came to offer prayers. Prayers in public areas, according to some, generate issues for locals and passengers. After that residents from Sectors 10 and 37 arrived. After that, the two parties went to the police station, where the officers attempted to negotiate an arrangement. Muslims, on the other hand, were permitted to worship. However, the local youth have stated unequivocally that from next Friday, no prayers would be permitted in the public arena.

He also informed the cops that it couldn't happen without a court order. When we have vacations, we play cricket at this pitch, said Sachin Yadav, a local kid. We begin playing cricket early in the morning. At 12 p.m., Muslim individuals began to arrive, and within an hour, a throng of 1000 Muslims had formed. They have mosques and prayer places where they may pray. However, this is our only footing. We encourage children to worship in mosques as well as at home. Locals claim that the boys who were playing cricket were also beaten up. The local youngsters have been enraged as a result of this.

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