Gurugram: Protest against namaz in open, Jai Shriram slogans raised

Chandigarh: The controversy over open prayers in Gurugram, Haryana, is very far from over. On Friday, protesters opposed open prayers yelled shouts of "Jai Shriram" near the location where prayers were offered in Sector-37. Tensions rose to the point that six persons were arrested by the police.

Hundreds of people had gathered to express their displeasure with the open prayers. People and Hindu groups in the neighbourhood protested, raising Jai Shriram shouts. Meanwhile, Namazi and Hindu leaders confronted each other, resulting in a confrontation. A half-dozen persons were apprehended by police and taken into custody as a result of the stressful situation. Leaders of Hindu parties met in Sector-37 to oppose open prayers. A protest was held in front of the police station. Meanwhile, tensions between Namazi and the people were high.


There was tension at Friday prayers again last Friday, and the police were already aware of the protest this time. For the same reason, a significant number of police officers were stationed nearby to cope with any unforeseen circumstances. However, the entire subject has been questioned from the start, including if there are any mosques in Gurugram that are providing open-air prayers, causing the environment to become hostile. If there are no mosques, the authorities should make plans for a safe space for Muslims to pray so that no unpleasant incidents occur.

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