If there is repeated failure, take this measure on Thursday

Aug 13 2019 07:20 PM
If there is repeated failure, take this measure on Thursday

They say that when something is not going well in life, you should start watering in the popular tree. Yes, there is a time-to-day joy in life, and there is no man who has never seen suffering in life or has never suffered. If there are times when you try and fail, one should not be disheartened and do something tortoise. Yes, for those who believe in God, we have come up with a way to remember them from time to time, and as soon as we do that, the tasks of the person who are stuck will be completed.

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Yes, so let's know this measure. On a Thursday morning, it is to be used and put in the water in a return. Now add a small amount of turmeric powder, add some jaggery or sugar, add a small quantity of gram dal and add a little Ganges water. Now take all the ingredients together and go to a poplar tree in a temple or an old Pipal tree that is worshipped. Now remove the slippers etc. at a short distance and take the water vessel in both hands and put it slowly in the root of the peepal. Make sure that while pouring water into the peepal, pronounce this mantra from the mouth:

After such a water offering, he set up seven revolutions of the tree and continued to pronounce the mantra of Shri Vishnu - 4 Shri Vishnu - 3 Shri Vishnu from the mouth. After that, after completing the seven revolutions of the Peepal tree, add hands to Lord Vishnu to complete his work and return home. It is said to be done by five Thursdays and doing so will make all your work successful.

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