Delhi: Gym owner shot dead by a man he sacked
Delhi: Gym owner shot dead by a man he sacked

Recently, another criminal case has come from the New Delhi Civil Lines area which is shocking. The trainer who shot the gym owner on Thursday has been taken into custody by the police after being fired from his job. In this case, the police have caught him with his minor colleague and the owner is undergoing treatment at Bliss Hospital. The offender told the inquest that the owner had fired him when he was close to the female trainer and the owner refused to keep him again, and he got angry and shot the owner.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Nupur Prasad said that "Rahul Gupta was reported to have been shot dead from Paramanand Hospital on Thursday morning" and police launched an investigation into the murder attempt and police launched an investigation into the case. Asked about all employees who work and leave. It was only during that time that he found out that three employees had recently quit their jobs, including a gym trainer, Lalit.

When the police tried to contact Lalit, his phone was off and the police searched for Lalit on suspicion and caught him on Friday morning. After unearthing CCTV footage near the spot, it was revealed that Lalit was on the spot and when police questioned him hard, Lalit confessed his crime.

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