Hackers Can Make You Deaf, Learn How

Aug 13 2019 02:27 PM
Hackers Can Make You Deaf, Learn How

Hacking any device is becoming easier for hackers. According to recent cybersecurity research, speakers in your home can now be hacked. Not only that, hackers can hack it and use it as a cyber weapon. Research says that hackers can increase the voice of speakers at home or office to such an extent that it can have a profound impact on the hearing power of people around them. 

For your information, Matt Wixey, a UK security researcher, examined the impact of this malware on the real world. They found in their investigation that the hack of speakers to create loud noises can be quite dangerous and can make people deaf. He said that through such attacks, hackers could target large institutions where a large number of people are present. After checking the speaker hacking of the customized virus, Wixey also tested it on other speaker devices such as laptops, mobile phones, headphones, etc. When they perform this experiment, they found that this malware can easily hack the control of any device to cause sound with a fast or slow frequency of volume.

Wixey insisted after his observation that such an attack could cause a serious blow to a person's concentration as well as hearing. In such an attack, the chances of tinnitus and mental instability are also greatly increased. Wixey added that if the hackathon continues to attack, people may be killed. The main reason for the concern is that these devices do not have any mechanism to detect and prevent such attacks. However, existing speakers and devices are unable to prevent this attack, but Wixey has instructed device manufacturers to create a defense mechanism for it. has been re-arrested. Wixey wants developers to devise technology that can completely prevent these attacks.

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