Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

Jul 23 2019 08:48 PM
Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

It's the rainy season and you have to bear a lot of hair. Rainwater and humid weather at this time cause a lot of hair damage and weakening causes them to break. So save as much as you can to avoid wetting your hair during the rainy season, but so that the hair can be saved from breaking. We've come up with some great tips for hair care that will help you take care of your hair better. Find out about those tips.

- If your hair gets wet often in rainwater, you must wash them with shampoos. If not, the moisture produced by the rainwater will form a fungus. It can also cause other problems with itching.

- Unravel wet hair with large toothed combs. This will also make the hair easily solved and not broken.

- Allow the wet hair to dry first, then tie. If the hair is tied completely without drying, it will stink and the chances of lice will increase. The quality of hair will also deteriorate.

- After washing the hair, make sure to apply a condenser so that the hair is not haphazard and easily solved. This season there is a rough hair and the hair breaks too much so that the condenser is a good way to avoid it.

- Apply oil at least once a week to nourish your hair and remove roughness. This will not make the hair lifeless and will shine.

- Don't share your comb with anyone else. If you have large hair, you can have short hair during the rainy season. This will give you a new look and better hair care.

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