Hair has become thinner due to lack of biotin, so follow these food tips

Due to weather, pollution and other reasons, many times the hair of girls becomes quite thin. Every other girl in today's time is troubled by this problem. However, if your diet is not right, then there are chances of weakening the hair. Yes, if your hair is falling out, weak, nails are breaking, then maybe your body is deficient in vitamin B7. It is more known as biotin deficiency and due to its deficiency, symptoms such as fatigue in the muscles, weakness, dizziness, frequent tingling of the legs or numbness of the legs are seen. Today we are going to tell you about the foods whose consumption can make up for its deficiency.

In fact, biotin works to convert food in our body into energy. Yes and according to some experts, its deficiency has been seen in very few cases, but if it is, then it shows the thinning of hair, two-faced hair, the breakage of nails, fatigue and other symptoms.

Let everyone know that if you want to get relief from this problem then you can make up for its lack in the body with foods like eggs, fish. Yes, its consumption can have great benefits to you and your hair can also become thick and shiny. If you like these tips, share it with your friends.

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