Hair loos - This use of Garlic gives you strong and soft hair

Garlic works to increase the taste of our food. The use of garlic doubles the taste of any vegetable  . It is also very beneficial for our health. By using garlic you can remove all the problems related to your hair. There are plenty of nutrients available in garlic that help in strengthening hair and growing new hair. There are plenty of anti-microbial properties in garlic. Which help in killing bacteria.Garlic also contains a rich amount of vitamin C, which helps in making the hair healthy  . Lots of colognes are also found in lees, which increase the growth of hair. By using garlic and honey, you can find long, thick hair. 

Raw garlic has been rich in vitamin C content that is great for promoting hair-health. It also boosts collagen production which helps to stimulate hair growth.

The presence of selenium content in garlic aids to make better blood circulation for maximum nourishment.Garlic also helps cleanse hair follicles.It  strengthens hair and prevents clogging. It also curbs hair loss.

1- First of all, grind them with some buds of garlic. 

2- Now add a little honey and mix it well. 

3- Now put garlic and honey paste in your hair and leave it for half an hour. 

4- Wash your hair after shampoo.

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