Apply these special 3 oils on the head for weak-white and broken hair

Today people are very upset about their hair. People are facing problems ranging from hair breakage to weakness. This includes pollution, unbalanced food, bad sleeping times, etc. Well, today we are going to tell you about the oils that also provide essential nourishment to the hair. Dandruff problem increases in hair in the winter season and 3 natural oils can give very good results to avoid it. Let us explain.

1. Sesame oil (Sesame oil) - Buy sesame oil first for this. Now apply it well in the hair thrice a week. Within a few days, the difference in hair health will be clearly visible. According to health experts, sesame oil contains a lot of fatty acids that relieve hair roughness. It is said that vitamin A and C found in this oil lead to hair growth.

2. Neem oil (neem oil) - You can make it at home. For this, first, grind the dried neem leaves finely. Now add olive oil to it. Then apply it to the roots of the hair. Now shampoo after 1 to 2 hours. By doing so, there will be neither dandruff nor hair loss. At the same time, it will also relieve greying hair. Health experts say neem oil is a natural oil that removes hair roughness and prevents dandruff. In fact, neem has anti-fungal quality, which protects hair from many problems.

3. Coconut Oil (coconut oil) - For this, you must first buy coconut oil. Then boil fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. Now add onion juice to it. This will lead to dandruff and adding camphor to coconut oil will help in strengthening and shiny hair.

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