Haley Shah makes big revelation on red carpet at Cannes 2022, says 'Indian designers discriminated'

Television's famous actress Hailey Shah (Indian TV actress) recently made her presence felt at the Cannes Film Festival. This year, Hailey Shah made her debut on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Recently, Hailey Shah has revealed that she faced favouritism from many Indian designers when she was preparing for Cannes.  

Hailey Shah said that when she was leaving for Pares, she had to face the strange behavior of Indian designers. Hailey Shah said, "Debuting in Cannes is like a dream, which has been fulfilled. She further said that due to this, she was very disappointed with the Indian designers. "About a month before cannes was scheduled, I had approached almost every Indian designer. Because I had to walk the red carpet. He had then said that he would share ideas with me. My manager also tried to reach them at that time. But he closed the dates. At the time, everyone said, "Oh! That's not what I can — I can do. Some didn't even answer what we said. ’

Further, Halley Shah said- It was one Shantanu and Nikhil who helped him. "It was only Shantanu and Nikhil who helped me on the spot. He gave me two outfits without any conditions. That too only because I was presenting India at the Cannes Film Festival. I wanted him to talk about India in my debut, but at that time the rest of them behaved very strangely. I would like to thank Shantanu and Nikhil again and again. He took full care of my dress-cannes outfit. What I wore was amazing. Because of this, I also got a lot of supplements. I went completely ready for the red carpet, I'm happy. Let me tell you, Hailey Shah is a very famous actress of Indian television.

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