Half-burnt student found hanging from tree in Raichur

Apr 19 2019 04:36 PM
Half-burnt student found hanging from tree in Raichur

Raichur:  In an appaling case, A burnt body of a young girl was found hanging from a tree in a forest in Karnataka's Raichur district. The incident reportedly took place on April 13, where the girl was said to be missing.

As per the report, Later, after three days of girl went missing, on April 16, the body of the deceased was recovered. It was found that she had been raped, burnt to death and then she was hung from a tree. 

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According to the report, The family of the deceased had alleged that the rapist-slaughterer torched her and it was made to look like a suicide. They subsequently lodged a complaint with the police.

Earlier, it was suggested that a suicide note was recovered from the place where the body was found which alleged that she was committing suicide because she had study backlogs. However, many of her acquaintances said that the claim is evidently false because she had cleared all her subjects.

The police have registered a case while the investigation is underway and meanwhile, some reports suggest that one suspect has been arrested by the police. 

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Post this ghastly rape case, People are demanding justice and even they are posting horrifying photos on the social media. An online petition was launched by several individuals asking people to support by signing it. Moreover, Hundreds of people came out for a candle march protest in the memory of the girl.


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