'Hamara Ahsaan Yaad Hai..', SP leader Azam Khan started fighting with the police officer

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan's attitude seems to have changed after being discharged in a case related to hate speech. On Saturday (May 27), former minister Azam Khan was reminding Rampur's CO City Anuj Chaudhary of the so-called Ehsaan. CO Anuj Chaudhary also gave a great reply to Azam's taunt. During this, there was a heated argument between the two. This video of the debate is becoming fiercely viral on social media.


According to media reports, SP leader Azam Khan was going to the party office in Rampur on Saturday. The UP Police was stopping and checking the vehicles going towards the SP office. Azam Khan's car was also in line, which made him uncomfortable. Azam Khan himself got out of the car and reached the policemen. Where officer Anuj Chaudhary was also present. Azam Khan told Anuj Chaudhary, 'Are you co-ct? You are a wrestler. SP had organised you, don't you remember our favor?" We were wrestlers, brought the Arjuna Award. What's the point of favor? We are doing our duty. They used to do it before and they still do it now. Arjuna Award is not given by any favor. The award has been given through hard work. '

Angered by this answer, Azam Khan said, 'I am saying that we remember the favor of our elders. I called you beautiful.' On this, Anuj Chaudhary asked Azam Khan, 'What have we done that you are getting angry with us? So Azam Khan left saying that 'Your deeds are in our mobile.' '

I will get the officers to clean the shoes:

SP leader Azam Khan's dispute with officials is not a matter of today. During the 2017 UP Assembly elections, a video of Azam Khan went viral, in which he was seen standing in a car and campaigning. During this, he had said that do not be afraid of the Collector, this is Tankhaiya. They are not afraid of tantrums. And see photos of Mayawati ji, how big officers are cleaning shoes by taking out handkerchiefs. Yes, there is an alliance with them. I will clean their shoes if God wills. '

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