Hamas' Disturbing October 7th Attack Footage Released by Israel

Jerusalem: Israel has released disturbing security camera footage of the October 7th Hamas surprise attack, showing militants chasing people as they enter Israel, and one of them shooting a woman at point-blank range, killing her on the spot. The video was shared on social media, depicting gunmen chasing Israelis trying to escape from a music festival. "A young Israeli woman begs for her life. A moment later, she is shot at point-blank range. New footage from October 7th shows Hamas terrorists executing Israelis who tried to escape from the Nova music festival," the post read.

"This is a war between good and evil," it added. The troubling video surfaced as Israel continued to intensify its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, raising humanitarian concerns globally. Israel's recent assault on Gaza's largest hospital drew massive criticism after several people, including infants, died, and the situation worsened for critical patients. Israel, meanwhile, claimed to have found Hamas tunnels beneath the hospital, alleging that the terrorists killed an Israeli soldier inside the hospital and held two foreign hostages as well.


On Monday, US President Joe Biden said that he believed an accord was near, as reported by Media. "We're closer now than we've been before," said White House spokesman John Kirby. The Palestinian militant group escaped with 240 hostages after the October 7th attack. A report published on Saturday stated that Israel and Hamas were close to reaching a deal, brokered by the US, to pause the fighting for five days, allowing humanitarian aid to reach Gaza and freeing up some hostages by Hamas.

On Monday, Israeli forces launched an attack against Hamas in northern Gaza, battling militants in the vicinity of a hospital where thousands of patients and displaced people have been hiding for weeks, as reported by Media. According to a medical worker inside the institution and the Health Ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, a shell impacted the second floor of the Indonesian Hospital, killing at least 12 people.

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