When Hanuman and Bali fought, Know who won?
When Hanuman and Bali fought, Know who won?

We all know that there are four eras in which Tretayug was also a time and Mahabali Bali's name was included among the most powerful warriors. It is said that Sugriva's brother, Angad's father, Apsara Tara's husband, Bali had a special boon and was king Kishkindha. He had the boon that whichever warrior would come in front of him, his power would be halved and half this power would be absorbed in Bali. For this reason, any warrior dare not to come in front of him and Bali killed many monsters with his power.

It is said that when the news of Bali reached Ravan, he also came to fight but Ravan's did not come in front of Bali. According to the stories in Hinduism, "Bali held Ravana in his armpits for six months. In the end, Ravana gave up and made him his friend. Bali's pride had increased a lot. However, the pride of Bali, which managed to defeat even Ravana, was finally broken by Hanuman. Once upon a time, Rama devotees were doing penance in Hanuman forest. At the same time, Bali also reached there and began to disturb Hanuman's penance in pride.

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Hanuman did not pay attention at first but Bali was not stopping. He was also constantly saying loudly that no one can beat him. To this Hanuman  said, "Vanar raj you are very strong, no one can beat you, but why are you screaming like this?" Bali was irritated to hear this. He challenged Hanuman and said that who he is devoting, he can also defeat him/her. Hearing this, Hanuman is enraged and he accepts the battle of Bali. It was decided that the next day there would be a rift between the two. Hanuman was going to Dangal the next day when Brahma appeared. Lord Brahma tried to convince Hanuman very much that he should not go to fight but he did not agree. Hanuman said that Bali has challenged his lord Shri Ram. In such a situation, it would not be appropriate to not answer him. On this, Lord Brahma told Hanuman that he can go and fight with Bali, but it would be better to take only a tenth of his strength and go to war. Brahma said that Hanuman should surrender his remaining power to the stage of his worship and return from the rift to regain this power.

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Hearing this, Hanumanji agreed and took the tenth part of his total strength to battle with Bali. According to the boon, as soon as Hanuman came in front of Bali in Dangal ground, half of his power came into Bali's body. With this, Bali started feeling immense power in his body. In a short time, he started feeling as if soon the veins of his body would burst. It is said that during this time Lord Brahma appeared once again and he asked Bali to immediately start running away from Hanuman to keep himself alive. Bali did this. He kept running continuously so that his energy started running out. He felt relieved after running several miles. He saw that Lord Brahma is standing in front.

Lord Brahma told Bali that you consider yourself the most powerful in the world, but your body is not able to handle even a small part of Hanuman's power even though he had come to fight with only 10 per cent of his power. Think, what would he have done if there was total power? Bali understood this and realized his mistake. Later, Bali bowed to Hanuman and apologized.

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