Actress Ritu Shivpuri once worked for 18 to 20 hours

Jan 22 2021 04:59 AM
Actress Ritu Shivpuri once worked for 18 to 20 hours

Ritu Shivpuri, who has shown her water from Bollywood to the TV industry, was seen today in the hit film 'aankhen' of Ritu Shivpuri Govinda and she got a lot of love from the film. The film she played the lead role in was to tell you that the song of the film 'Lal Dupatte' is still heard and preferred by the audience. , he had been back after 11 years of taking a break from the big screen, but not on the big screen but on the TV serial, but on the TV serial, yes, he was seen in the role of Shivani Tomar's mother in the serial ' What is the name of this love ' and the people had given him love.

At the same time, he was seen in the Punjabi film 'Ik Jind Ik Jaan' in the year 2006, and with a gap of so many years, Ritu changed her look considerably. Yes, once in an interview in the year 2014, Ritu had said on speculation of her return, "when I worked for 18 to 20 hours for a Punjabi film in 2006, my husband was sleeping. I was worried that I could not concentrate on the family in a career affair, I am lucky that my husband is not an actor, he is straight plain and he never complained about my work, but the guilt dominated me so much that I decided to leave acting and give it to the family for a few years."

He said, "Marrying a film star is more disturbing because he recognizes the enemies of your industry. " Today Ritu is 45 years old but still stuns everyone with her glamorous photos.

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