From singing bhajans in Jagrate to film playback singer: Richa Sharma Journey

Today is the birthday of Richa Sharma who made her mark in Bollywood with her melodious voice. Richa Sharma has won millions of hearts with her voice. He is at a high today because of his hard work and dedication. Richa Sharma has made her mark in the film world on the basis of singing and today she is one of the biggest inspirations of women. Richa was born on August 29, 1980. Yes, and Richa's father late Pandit Dayashankar was a famous storyteller and classical singer.

Richa took music as an inspiration to him. Richa is said to have been interested in music since childhood. Richa Sharma sang for the first time in Jagrate at the age of 8, when she received only Rs. 11. Once, in an interview, the singer herself had said that she had kept the money even today. At that time giving an interview, Richa had said, ''Father used to say that if you get the bread served in the plate, then what is the taste? The fun is when you sow the seeds yourself, cut, grind, cook, and then eat... When I was very young, my father realized that I would become a singer. He had said in front of everyone that my daughter would earn a name in music and for this, I have fought in an imperial way.''

Richa, who once sang in Jagrate, is a famous Bollywood singer today. It was not easy for her to come so far. In fact, she learned to sing bhajans from her father and then went to Mumbai for the first time in 1995 in connection with a live show. She sang Mata ke bhajans at an event, and it was during this time that she got a chance to sing in the film 'Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya'. Richa Sharma started getting opportunities after the film. She then sang for Shah Rukh Khan starrer Kal Ho Na Ho and Om Shanti Om. 

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