Salim Khan came to Mumbai from Indore to become an actor, first salary was only Rs 400

Salim Khan, Salman Khan's father, celebrating his birthday today. Salim Khan worked hard in his career, and his three kids are now building a reputation for themselves in the industry as a consequence of his efforts. Salim Khan is the father of three sons and two girls. The oldest on the list is Salman, who is followed by Arbaaz, Sohail, and Alvira. Salim Khan and Helen have adopted Arpita Khan, a newborn daughter. Tell everyone that Salim Khan was born in Indore and that his family migrated from Afghanistan and settled in India around 150 years ago.

Salim's father is said to have been a cop, which resulted in a very strict atmosphere in his home. Salim Khan's parents died while he was a small child. After that, when Salim was a bit older, he dreamed of being an actor. Salim Khan arrived in Mumbai with the same ambition. The filmmaker was once at a wedding. Amarnath noticed Salim Khan and was taken aback by his size and face-piece hero. Amarnath then approached him and summoned him to his office.

Salim is said to have been employed by Amarnath for a salary of Rs 400. Salim began with small roles, but his popularity grew over time. After that, he met Javed Akhtar. Javed is claimed to have been the time's clapper boy. Javed became a close friend of Salim during the time and encouraged him to pursue a career as a writer. Following Javed's guidance, Salim stopped performing and went to work as an assistant to writer/director Abrar Alvi. Salim-javed and a stunning screenplay from the film 'Hathi Mere Saathi' followed. The film was a big blockbuster, and the team went on to write terrific scripts for numerous other films.

Salim married Sushila Charak in 1964. Sushila changed her name to Salma after marriage and Salim met Helen after marriage. Salim is said to have liked Helen and fell in love with her. Salim then married Helen in 1981, despite being his wife, Salma. However, Helen has made a place in everyone's hearts today and is an important part of the Khan family.

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