Friendship Day 2019: Keep these things in mind while making friends online

Aug 01 2019 06:28 PM
Friendship Day 2019: Keep these things in mind while making friends online

This time the Friendship Day will be celebrated on August 4. It is very important to have a friend in life. Everyone remembers the special time spent with friends and remembers it and maintains their friendship. But nowadays young people find their friendship on social media. But online friends should also know how much you know about it. You may also get cheated. So you need to be careful in advance.

* When making online friendships, make sure that it's absolutely wrong to leave your friends and talk to friends online at all times or stay online around. Doing so will not only spoil your precious time but also prepare yourself for emotional deception.

* Another rule of online friendship is to avoid forgetting to share every secret of your life with a friend on social media instead of your friends. You don't have to share every part of your life with him.

* It is often seen that people start video chatting, sharing photos without knowing each other. Not necessarily the person in front of you is telling you what is true. Remember that the data you share on social media is shared on social platforms.

* Sometimes people try to win trust by telling their sad story to others. Lest you be willing to listen to any of your online friends and do anything for them.

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