Amidst the havoc of Corona, send this message to your loved ones on New Year

There are only a few days left for the new year to arrive. In such a situation, this time also people are being asked to celebrate the new year keeping in mind the social distancing. Now in this sequence, you can send greetings messages to the people you are unable to meet. Today we have brought some messages through which you can wish Happy New Year to your friends and family members by sending them on WhatsApp and Facebook.

comes every year
goes every year;
May you get all that in this new year
whatever your heart desires.
Happy New Year 2022

> Stole the fragrance from the branches of the roses,
Stole the Ghungroo from the feet of Gagan,
New year is coming with trembling steps
Who has stolen happiness for you.
Best wishes for a happy New Year

> Let the heartbeats beat louder,
Those who slept are the desire, now let it flare-up
Feed flowers to your desires, let them smell.
Wake up and see the happy new year coming
happy new year

> Flowers will bloom, beauty will be seen in Gulshan,
Sour sweet memories of this year will remain with you,
Let's celebrate together New Year's laughter happily,
The first morning of the new year will bring innumerable happiness.
Happy New Year 2022

> the day before the night
the moon before the stars
before the heartbeats
and you first
happy new year 2022

> Until I see you,
My heart will not come to an agreement,
Without you, in my life,
Will not even think about the new year.
Happy New Year

> Something like this will start the new year
Will be with everyone
There will be no more sorrow because
There will be rain of happiness in the new year.
Best wishes for a happy New Year

> Gul has sent Gulfam from Gulshan,
The stars have sent salutes from the sky,
happy new year to you,
We have sent this message from the heart.
happy new year

> It is our prayer from the heart,
May you get all the happiness in life,
God never give you sorrow
If you want, one can reduce our happiness.
Happy New Year to you

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