Harchhath Parva On August 21, here's how son blessed mom should fast
Harchhath Parva On August 21, here's how son blessed mom should fast

You all know that in a month there are many fasts that women keep with great reverence. This time, the festival of Prakatyotsav Harchhath of Balram Ji, the elder brother of Leila Purushottam Lord Srikrishna, is being celebrated on the 21st of August.

This fast is kept to give longevity to the son as well as to increase happiness and prosperity. It is said that the Chhath of the Harchhath Bhadrapad Krishna side is celebrated and on this day Shri Krishna's elder brother Balram was born. It is said that this fast is performed only by the son blessed mom and is done for the longevity and prosperity of the sons. This fast is considered to be a law to eat fruit of trees, unsown grains, etc.

In this fast, women fill five or seven roasted grains or nuts in six small clay or sugar utensils person and a branch of issued (small thorny bush), a branch of Palash and a branch of a woman (a type of creeper) is grounded or Pooja is done by burying it in a pot filled with clay.

At the same time, women end the fast by eating curds made from buffalo's milk.

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