Harish Rawat told BSP 'Supari Killer Party,' know what's the reason?
Harish Rawat told BSP 'Supari Killer Party,' know what's the reason?

Dehradun: The political turmoil in the states over the assembly elections has increased considerably, meanwhile Harish Rawat, who is leading the Congress in the political turmoil in Uttarakhand, called the BSP a Supari killer party. Harish Rawat, who visited Haridwar on Tuesday, said that a party is working as a Supari killer in our regard, in the last election also the party had fielded candidates keeping in mind the Congress, this time also the candidates are being changed so that the victory of the BJP becomes easy.

Then, Harish Rawat, while naming the BSP, made it clear that the BSP should decide whether their target is to defeat Congress or the BJP. In fact, there has been an old story of the BSP and the Congress in Uttarakhand, when the Congress came to power in the 2012 assembly elections, Surendra Rakesh of the BSP won the election from Bhagwanpur (Haridwar). He was the only MLA to win the election from Mayawati's party, but Congress had inducted him into the cabinet. Since then, Mayawati's displeasure with Congress has been palpable.

Let me tell you that in 2015, Surendra Rakesh died, then in the by-election, the Congress gave the ticket to Mamta Rakesh. Then, in the 2017 elections, the Congress again reposed faith in Mamata Rakesh, but against her, her brother-in-law Subodh Rakesh was given a ticket by the BJP. In 2017, Mamta Rakesh won by defeating her brother-in-law. In this time's assembly elections, Devar Bhabhi is once again facing each other. Subodh Rakesh has been fielded on a BSP ticket in place of the BJP.

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