Harish Rawat to give big blow to Congress

Dehradun: Former Uttarakhand CM and veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat has launched a front against the Congress party high command. He has attacked the party leadership in three consecutive tweets. Rawat wrote on his Twitter handle that 'Representatives of those who have ordered to swim, are tying up my hands & legs.'

At the same time, he said that now looks like the time has come. Rawat's words seem to be full of many political ways. Now speculations about Harish Rawat's political future have also intensified. There is speculation that he may soon give up the Congress' hand. If he does so, the Congress in Uttarakhand could suffer a severe setback ahead of the upcoming assembly elections. Rawat wrote in a tweet, 'What's strange, is the election-like sea to swim, the organization's framework for cooperation is either turning away or playing a negative role instead of extending the hand of cooperation in most places.'

He further wrote, 'The sea in which to swim has left many crocodiles in power. The representatives of those who have to swim at their behest are tying my hands and feet. There are many thoughts in my mind that is enough now, a lot of swimming, now is the time to rest! Then there is a secret voice from one corner of the mind, "Na Dainyam Na Bhagambhag" is in a state of great worship, the New Year may show the way. I am confident that #Kedarnath Ji will guide me in this situation.'

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