Harish Rawat's tweet creates uproar, Congress to hold crucial meeting today

Dehradun: The discord in Uttarakhand Congress has now reached Delhi. After Harish Rawat's tweet, Congress is engaged in damage control. In this sequence, the party top leadership has also discussed with Harish Rawat. Today Harish Rawat will attend a pre-scheduled meeting in Delhi. More senior Congress leaders of the state have reached Delhi.

Along with Harish Rawat, party state president Ganesh Godiyal, Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh, MP Pradeep Tamta, former president Kishor Upadhyay and all senior party leaders have been summoned to Delhi. Tomorrow Rahul Gandhi will sit with all the leaders and after discussion, discuss this matter and find a solution. Meanwhile, the State Congress Committee has also canceled all party level meetings and programs scheduled for today and tomorrow on the orders of state president Ganesh Godiyal.

The same Harish Rawat had tweeted and said, 'It is not strange, the sea of ​​elections has to be floated, the organization's structure for help is either turning its back instead of extending a helping hand at most places. Or playing a negative character. In the sea in which to swim, the power has left many crocodiles there. The representatives of those on whose orders I have to swim are tying my hands and feet. Many times a thought is coming in my mind that Harish Rawat has had enough, swam a lot, now it is time for rest!' He wrote in another tweet, 'Then secretly a voice is rising from one corner of my mind, "Na dainyam na bhagnam" I am in a state of great euphoria, may the new year show the way. I am sure Lord Kedarnath ji will guide me in this situation.

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