On the inauguration of Parliament, Harivansh said, "Why was it needed?

New Delhi: The opposition has strongly opposed the inauguration program of the new Parliament. Today, when it was dedicated to the nation, MPs and representatives of many parties were absent. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his party JDU have also opposed it. He had recently asked why there was a need for a new Parliament building. However, today, his own party MP and Rajya Sabha Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh explained in his address why this new building was needed.

Harivansh Narayan Singh said, "Given the possibility of increase in the number of members due to delimitation in the coming years and the increasing responsibilities of Parliament, there was a lack of space in the present Parliament House." Members of both houses of Parliament had urged the PM to construct a new building. "Our present Parliament house has been a vibrant centre of democratic activities in the country. It has been the guiding light of our progress. This building has been witness to many historical events during our glorious democratic journey from the independence of India and the framing of the Constitution.

Nitish Kumar said that there was no need to build a new parliament building. The building which was there at the time of independence should have been further developed. There is no point in creating a new one. The country's old history is being changed. During this, PM Modi said - Parliament House has worked to provide employment to about 60,000 workers. A digital gallery dedicated to their labour has also been created. Today, when we are celebrating by observing lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, I am satisfied that we have also built more than 30,000 new panchayat buildings in the country. From Panchayat Bhawan to Parliament House, our loyalty is the same.

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