Harley-Davidson focused on used motorcycle market in US

Mar 09 2021 05:44 PM
Harley-Davidson focused on used motorcycle market in US

Harley-Davidson bikes lovers will love to know that company increase focus on the used motorcycle market in the United States, in the brand's latest efforts to increase customer base. For your information let us share that Harley-Davidson plans to roll out a certified pre-owned bike program, known as H-D Certified, to position well-tended bikes as a substitute for entry-level models. Company has followed the strategy that  similar to what carmakers have been following to position well-maintained used vehicles as a substitute for low-margin, "entry-level" new models.

Here let us share that Company commencing this used motorcycle program is part of a new five-year turnaround strategy outlined by new Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz, part of the latest efforts to expand the brand's appeal beyond middle-aged and affluent riders.  For your information let us share that Harley-Davidson's latest five-year plan has been dubbed "The Hardwire" and under the new plan, Harley is following a "70-20-10" structure, with 70 per cent of its efforts going to the core business, 20 per cent into expansion into new segments that offer clear potential for more profit, and 10 per cent for testing ideas for long-term growth, including plans for smaller displacement models in new markets, like in China, with the Qianjiang Group, and in India, with Hero MotoCorp.

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