These beauty products are harmful to the Sensitive skin
These beauty products are harmful to the Sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive, you'll know how quickly it gets disturbed. So you need to keep in mind which beauty products can be harmful to you. If your skin is also sensitive, let us know what kind of products can harm your skin.

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Shiny Body Lotion and Cream
The word 'fragrance'  contains many hidden elements that can irritate your skin. So if your skin is sensitive, you may have more allergic reactions than these elements. Test the patch before using any product, this can always be a good way.

Chemical Sunscreen
Chemical sunscreen can irritate sensitive skin. Chemical sunscreens usually contain elements such as oxybenzone, homosalate, octisalate, and avocado that can irritate your skin. Read the labels closely and buy only sunscreens that contain titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

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Face Scrub
The scrub for sensitive skin can be very hard, no matter how soft its rinse. Things like dry brushes and loofa can also irritate your skin. Scrubs can also cause acne and skin dryness. If you want to clean your face, select gentle chemical exfoliation like lactic acid to remove dead skin.

Alcohol Skincare Products
Alcohol-consuming skincare products can reduce moisture from your skin and cause itching and irritation. If your skin is sensitive, alcohol-free products may be the safest for you.

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