Harvey Weinstein to Remain Behind Bars in New York While Awaiting Retrial for Rape
Harvey Weinstein to Remain Behind Bars in New York While Awaiting Retrial for Rape

The former Hollywood bigwig, famously linked to the #MeToomovement, will stay put in a New York jail as he gears up for a retrial on rape accusations.

The decision was made on Thursday, with courts mulling over whether Weinstein should stick around in New York or head over to California, where he's also facing legal trouble.

Weinstein's retrial, penciled in for after Labor Day, comes after his 2020 rape conviction got overturned by the New York State Court of Appeals on April 25.

Now, the big question is whether he'll continue his stay in New York or be shipped off to California to serve out a 16-year sentence for another conviction.

During a quick court session, Weinstein's legal team refused to green-light his extradition to California, meaning he's staying in New York for now.
According to reports, Attorney Diana Fabi Samson made it clear that California needs to come up with a warrant signed by the governor before any extradition can happen.

Weinstein, who recently left a New York hospital, rolled into court in a wheelchair, dressed in a somber suit. Samson stressed his need for medical attention while in custody and pointed out the necessary steps for extradition.

After his 2022 conviction, Weinstein was first sent to a prison in upstate New York but was later moved to the Rikers Island jail complex following the recent appellate court ruling.
His next court date in New York is locked in for May 29, with another appearance relating to the Los Angeles case set for August 7.

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