Haryana: Married woman gang-raped by 4 men

Chandigarh: A case of gang rape of a woman working in a private company in Palwal, Haryana has come to light. On the complaint of the victim's husband, the police have registered a case against the accused in the case. According to information, a man, in his complaint to the police, alleged that he and his wife work in a private company.

According to the complaint, on March 22, he received a call from the contractor asking him to send his wife home, his son's health had deteriorated. When he asked about the child's health at home, his daughter said that she was not sick nor had the mother come home. When the husband got some doubts about this, he reached the contractor's room. There were two or three other people present with him who were drinking. They threatened to kill the man and drove him out of the room. The four then gang-raped his wife.

After the incident, the wife returned home and told the husband about the whole incident. After this, the husband went to the police station and complained about the incident to the police and demanded action. Police say the case is under investigation.

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