Neighbours rape minor from several months, reveal this after get pregnant

Apr 15 2021 12:16 PM
Neighbours rape minor from several months, reveal this after get pregnant

Chandigarh: A sensational case of hawkishness has come to light from a minor in Yamunanagar, Haryana. A 14-year-old girl was raped here. This was revealed when she became 4-5 months pregnant. In the entire incident, only a neighbouring couple of the victim has been made an accused. It is said that when the teenager's parents went to work, their neighbouring couple used to take the teenager.

According to the allegations, the first time the neighbour took him by bike and forcibly locked him in a room. She was raped there by someone. After that, this kind of sequence started going on. When this was revealed after she became pregnant, the parents lost consciousness. They rushed him to the police station and a complaint was lodged against the accused couple there. The victim's father works in a plywood company while the mother works at home. The teenager studies in class VI. Earlier, when the doctor examined her for continuous ill health, it was reported that the victim was pregnant.

The accused used to take him to different places on the pretext of riding a bike. When her health started deteriorating, the teenager refused and the couple threatened to kill her. Police are now investigating whether the teenager was given any medicine etc. during this time. Because, the accused had been carrying him on a bike for several months. The two had also threatened to kill their parents. The teenager was avoiding saying anything out of fear, but the medical checkup revealed the reality. Police are currently investigating the case.

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