Has your Gmail also been hacked, recover in this easy way

Nowadays, as much as technology has made people's work easier, people's problems are also increasing. Cybercrime cases have also increased rapidly in the last few years. The fraudsters have started adopting new tactics to cheat people. Cybercriminals start blackmailing you by stealing your personal information. Fraudsters are now Gmail hacked to target people, as this is what keeps the most crisis. Gmail is used in everything from personal to office. You won't even know when someone will hack your Gmail account. If detected, you will be able to protect your data by changing your password in time. If you want to find out if your Gmail account has been hacked, you will have to follow some easy steps, after which you will easily know.

You can find out from the Google Password Checkup Add-on feature whether your Gmail has been hacked. For this, you can first download and install the free password checkup software in the Google Chrome browser on your phone or desktop.

Chrome extension checks your login credentials after it is installed. If your username and password are about to be present in Google's database, the software will give you a notification about it. A message is going to appear on your screen after receiving notifications from the database. It is going to report password checkups of the respective websites.

You can easily check any password saved on the browser from here. After which you are going to be told whether your Gmail has been hacked or not. You should immediately change the password if the password is hacked.

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