Haunted House: Daughter found hanging in the air, Heart-wrenching story

The existence of ghosts, spirits and spirits depends on the trust of the particular person. Here is an interesting story about a horror house of 200 spirits. In November 2011, a woman named Latoya Ammons came to America with her 3 children and mother Rosa Campbell to live her life at a rented house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana state.

Even though She did not like the house but due to the poor financial condition of the family, She decided to stay in this house. Soon they observe paranormal activity in their home.

In December 2011 Millions of Black Big Flies enter the Home. The most surprising thing was that it is almost impossible to find these flies in the winter season as. these flies move to a warm place in winter.

Sound of Footsteps, faint shadows visible: Latoya said in one of her interviews that she often heard someone's footsteps near the stairs of the basement of her house. The only way leading to the basement was closed.  Even after this still the sound of those steps did not stop coming Latoya's mother once has seen a hazy shadow of an unknown person.  And she even tried to chase this shadow but she did not find anything.

Daughter found hanging in the air: They were convinced that the house was possessed by some evil spirit after the incident. That night, Latoya heard someone crying from his daughter's room. When Latoya reached her daughter's room with her mother, she was surprised to see the view there. Latoya's 12-year-old daughter was found hanging in the air in an unconscious state. After some time when the girl regained consciousness, she did not remember anything.

When Priest warned them:  The priest of the church located nearby when told the incident. He refused to help them as he was aware of the history of that house. And it was his fear that was stopping him from helping Latoya. However, the priest told them not one or two but 200 ghost’s spirits were found there. The priest also advised them that they should vacate this house as soon as possible.

Sprits enter in three children: Spirit started entering in Latoya's three children, aged 7, 9 and 12. Their voice became heavy and a strange evil smile appeared on his face. Nights had become so scary for her family that she would go to the hotel several times. The shadow of the spirits overpowered these children so much that many times they had to be admitted to the hospital.  Latoya's 9-year-old son suddenly started doing strange things. Once he was admitted to the hospital. So he suddenly climbed the wall of the hospital room and started walking upside down on the ceiling. The incident was also witnessed by the hospital staff. He also confirmed in the testimony given to the police that something like this had happened in front of him.

Police Help: Police, hospital and church decided to help Latoya's family. Church pastor Michael Maginot went to Latoya's house and performed the Exorcism. After the completion of this ritual, the priest's health started deteriorating and the priest claimed that all this happened to him only because of the sweeping in that house. Gradually, Latoya's family has also got rid of those 200 phantom spirits. The talk of 200 phantom souls in this house had become so famous that even the people living nearby were in fear. Due to this, the government decided that this house should be demolished. Then after 6 months, the house was demolished.

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