Have some scrumptious Breakfast in the City Of Gold: Dubai

Quintessentially Dubai has the reputation of the most luxury and rich country in the world. Dubai As we all know that Dubai has a status for hosting some of the best places to eat on the Earth! This magic has a lot to do with the best of Dubai restaurants, not to mention the delicacies cooked by the well-skilled and staffed character of these places.  In this article we will tell you some amazing food joints, famous for their breakfast in Dubai where you can have a royal breakfast.
Dubai’s gastronomic culture that truly makes us happy, we will scream—the breakfasts! Not only they look delicious, but taste amazing too, which, of course, makes you obligated by the rules of the social network


For a quick breakfast, brunch or a snack post morning walk or work, Revo is a go-to spot for people familiar with Palm Promenade. Among the healthier alternatives the homemade granola is ideal; credit to the soft, sweet, slow-cooked mango that forms a part of the ingredients’ list. The portion is delish but not enough to fill you; so order a smoothie as a side meal. In an indulgent mood? Seek the caramelised fried bread covered in mascarpone, which comes with candied nuts and a warm, cooked banana. The pumpkin soup, vegetarian pesto sandwich, prawns spaghetti, coffee, massive cakes and decadent fries, all coupled with smashing beach views. A nd the level of staff service is excellent as the waiters are extra caring and helpful.


Perhaps the best encapsulation of the breakfast culinary wonders, Tom & Serg’s salad preparation is made of roasted pumpkin, pickled beetroot, goats’ cheese, basil, extra virgin olive oil, whole grain millet and amaranth underneath two cooked eggs. The French toast has been given a delectable vanilla and plum twist, which makes it the perfect way to cool off. To spice up your meal, do not forget to order Charcoal Lemonade and The Red One.

Bujal ARAB:

Enjoy breakfast at the world’s only seven-star hotel with this exclusive package.. You can have your choice of Far East Asian, Arabian or continental breakfasts in an opulent setting, with the sound of classical music played live in the background. And once you finish breakfast, you’ll have some time to sightsee in the hotel before the tour ends. 

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