Have you lost your PAN card, don't panic, just follow these steps

Nowadays, the Aadhaar card and PAN cards are said to be one of the most important documents. An Aadhaar card is used more like a common identity card. Pan card is going to be used for financial transactions. PAN cards are mostly used only by people who are doing anything related to banking transactions. PAN cards are also used several times in income tax transactions. Pan card is very important nowadays to open a bank account. Without it, you won't be able to do any Financial work.

If the PAN card is lost, it will become a cause of great trouble. But, now you don't have to worry about losing the PAN card. You can get it again. We're going to tell you a few steps that will help you regain the PAN card.

Apply for pan card Duplicate like this-

- You must click on the official website of the NSDL when the PAN card is stolen or lost.

- Here you must fill in PAN number information, Aadhaar number and date of birth information.

- Then fill Captcha and Submit.

- After which a screen will open in front of you in which fill your address and PIN code.

- This will be followed by an OTP on the mobile number that you can enter.

- Then pay Rs. 50.

- You will then be asked for some more information that has to be filled in.

- Then you'll get a slip, downloaded and keep it.

- Your duplicate PAN card will come to the home address.

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