Have you ever heard about a village of India where everyone from humans to animal is blind?

Oct 19 2018 12:16 PM
Have you ever heard about a village of India where everyone from humans to animal is blind?

Till now you may have heard about many strange villages but we are telling you about a village where everyone is blind. Yes ... you may be surprised if you hear it but it is true. The village we are telling you about, whether there are people or animals, everybody is blind. This village is present in India only, whose name is 'Titlepek', where people of Jopotech tribes resides. It is said that in this village they are good at the time of their birth, but after a few days they becomes blind.

You will be surprised even if you look after the roadside base on the hut built in this village. In fact, there is no window in a hut there. This is because no people in the village need light. About 300 Red Indians live here. People sleep here on the stone and eat only beans, millets and chillies in the food. All people have wooden tools made here and all the people here after eating dinner they starts singing and dancing.

The people of this village are surrounded by a disease and the cause of their disease is a tree. Actually there is a tree called 'lavjueja' and everyone who sees this tree becomes blind. But scientists have said this thing wrong. They say that the tourists also see this tree but they do not have such a disease. A study was done some time ago, in which scientists found that this problem was due to a black fly bite. A fly bites the people of this village, after which the germs spread in people's bodies. They block the veins of their eyes, causing them to stop seeing.

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