Having Toe, Foot, and Ankle Burning - USe This homemade remedy

Following the ultra-modern lifestyle, most people have irritation problems in their feet. Well, this is not a serious problem, but there is a lot of pain when burning in the feet. The cause of foot irritation can be the lack of vitamin B, folic acid, thymine or calcium in the body. Apart from this, kidney disease or biting of any insect may also cause irritation of the feet. People take medicines to remove the irritation of their feet. But if you use mustard oil instead of medicines, then it will remove the irritation of your feet.

Mustard oil is very beneficial for our health. By eating cooked food in mustard oil, the health benefits greatly. With the use of mustard oil, you can get rid of burning in the legs. 

To use it, take two spoons of mustard oil in a bowl. Now add two spoons of cold water or a piece of ice and mix it well. Now put it on your soles and massage with light hands. By doing this twice a week, the irritation of your feet will be removed.

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