Having too much coffee is very dangerous for your health, Know why

There are various benefits of having coffee. It helps you to keep energetic, helps you to work constantly and it also has some health benefits. But due now having too much coffee can affect your health very badly.

Anxiety. It might be shocking for you but coffee triggers anxiety. A constant feeling of worry, agitation, or feeling tense, can be classified as anxiety. However, feeling nervous about certain things is perfectly normal and you needn't be worried even one bit but these days anxiety issues are becoming more serious.

Badly affect your pregnancy: It is completely ok to have limited coffee during pregnancy but didn’t cross your limits. When the consumption pattern crosses the limits, there might occur increased blood pressure and heart rate, which directly affects your pregnancy. 

Insomnia : Good thing can never be good.This disadvantage of coffee can again be attributed to the adrenalin release triggered by caffeine. Too much adrenaline in our system makes it difficult for our body to handle it, giving us jitters and restlessness which increases the possibility of sleepless night.

Increase your Blood Pressure: Having too much coffee causes blockage of hormones responsible for keeping arteries wide and open for blood to pass through seamlessly. That might increase the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of the vessels hence elevating blood pressure.

Urinary problems: Caffeine increases blood flow to the kidneys raising the amount of blood getting filtered and urine production. This increased urine production causes the urge to keep using the bathroom more often than usual.

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