First look out of Hawa Singh out, Salman shared poster

Salman Khan, a well-known Hindi cinema star, has shared the first poster of Suraj Pancholi's next film Hawa Singh through his social media account. 'Hawa Singh' is a biopic of the famous boxer 'Hawa Singh' of the country and the world and in this biopic, Suraj Pancholi is playing the role of 'Hawa Singh'. 'Hawa Singh' is also known as the Father of Indian Boxing. This look of Suraj in this poster opposite 'Hawa Singh' is very attractive. In the same poster, Suraj's face is covered with milk glass, Suraj is wearing langot and boxed gloves next to him.

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Many well-known biopics have been made in Bollywood in the last several years and now the story of 'Hawa Singh' is also present in this episode. Apart from this, the biopic of 'Hawa Singh' will be released this year. The same Salman has written in his style, sharing this look of Sooraj in 'Hawa Singh', the same 'Talk to Hawa Singh.' Remind that it was Salman Khan who launched Sooraj with his home production debut 'Hero' in Bollywood. Sooraj's film 'Satelite Shankar' was also released at the end of last year.

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'Hawa Singh' biopic is being directed by Prakash Nambiar and the film is being produced by Sam S Fernandes and Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha. In this first glimpse of the same 'Hawa Singh', the style of Sooraj Pancholi looks completely different. This is the first time Suraj will be seen in a biopic. Apart from this, seeing the poster of the film, it is also revealed that Suraj has made his body for the character of 'Hawa Singh'. He has worked hard to bring Hawa Singh on screen.

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