HC lashes out at Gujarat government says, "Provide actual data on COVID-19 tests"

Ahmedabad: Corona seems to be out of control in Gujarat and there is a frightening boom in the cases as well. The situation is so bad that beds and oxygen clashes are taking place in hospitals. In the midst of this crisis, the state's Vijay Rupani government is accused of hiding the original figures of corona. 

It is being said that the real deaths in the state are being suppressed. Now on this issue, the government has been given a suggestion along with rebuke by the Gujarat High Court. In the order, the Gujarat High Court has emphasized that if the real figures of the corona are being hidden by the government, then this will reduce the public's trust in the government and will also create an atmosphere of panic. 

In the order issued by the High Court, it is said that no one is going to benefit from hiding the original picture. Due to hiding the actual data, fear will be generated in people, trust will be reduced and there will be a lot of nervousness on a large scale. At the same time, it has been said by the High Court that by revealing the real picture, public awareness will come and they will be able to follow the corona protocol more strictly.

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