HCLTech opens state-of-the-art 5G test lab in Chennai

Global technology giant HCLTech has announced the opening of a State-of-art test lab in Chennai, India. By giving them the tools to test and evaluate 5G technologies, this ground-breaking facility intends to strengthen the position of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of the world's telecom infrastructure.

The lab is the first of its kind in India because of its special capabilities. It is outfitted with cutting-edge, high-end scanners that enable worldwide OEMs to test both big cellular base stations and tiny antennas used in a range of gadgets, including mobile phones, smart devices, health monitoring systems, and remote surveillance systems.

We are dedicated to using the best available quality, performance, and technology to advance next-generation mobile telephony. According to Vijay Guntur, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCLTech, "We have a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers to test and verify cellular and non-cellular products with great precision."

The facility is now focused on verifying and testing 5G telecom antennas for frequency ranges up to 7 GHz. The testing of millimeter-wave frequency 5G infrastructure is possible thanks to its scalable architecture. This adaptability places HCLTech in a position to help OEMs and telecom service providers measure crucial metrics quickly and precisely.

Telecom infrastructure OEMs may shorten their time to market, optimise cellular networks, and provide seamless voice and data connectivity by utilising the lab's capabilities. Guntur stressed the significance of these factors in helping OEMs improve their overall performance and increase their product offerings.

HCL Technologies, commonly known as HCLTech, is a leading global information technology services and consulting company. It was founded in 1976 in India and has since grown into a multinational organization with a strong presence in over 40 countries.

HCLTech offers a wide range of services, including IT consulting, application development, infrastructure management, engineering services, business process outsourcing, and digital solutions. The company caters to clients in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.

One of the notable aspects of HCLTech is its "Employees First, Customers Second" philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of empowering employees and creating a customer-centric culture. This approach has helped the company foster a strong sense of ownership and commitment among its workforce, driving innovation and customer satisfaction.

HCLTech has been recognized for its excellence in delivering IT services and has received numerous awards and accolades. The company has also established strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, enabling it to leverage state-of-art solutions and stay at the forefront of the industry.

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