Banks Issued Warnings, Beware Of This App

Jul 13 2019 05:07 PM
Banks Issued Warnings, Beware Of This App

Recently, all its online banking users have been asked by private sector bank HDFC to be ware of a particular app. The bank has issued a warning that thugs can blow up your life-long hard earned money using the app. The thug will ask you to install this app on your smartphone and a code with a 9-digit number will ask you to share it, after which it will control your phone and blow your earnings. Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India had issued a similar advisory in March, mentioning that AnyDesk app seeks privacy permission. With this app, cyber thugs control your smartphone and make banking transactions while sitting away. Let us know the full details

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It's not that the AnyDesk app is a malware app and is used for this purpose. There are a number of apps on the Play Store and Apple Store that can be controlled by any smartphone after installing. Actually the AnyDesk app is a great tool for IT professionals to access office computers at home. According to AnyDesk's COO Odrik Muller, millions of people from 17 thousand companies in 165 countries are using the app. The app uses Banking Standard TLS 1.2 technology to protect the computer and every connection is verified through RSA 2048 encryption. HDFC Bank says that these fraudsters describe themselves as bank employees or those associated with a banking institution. Then, with a trick, you'll be able to download such apps to your smartphone and get the details of your accounts.

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In its statement, AnyDesk says that social media sites and WhatsApp are being misinformation about the app because people are not aware of it and very few people who do not belong to the IT industry are aware of the app. Somebody can take control of your smartphone device. They say we ask users to share the code with people they already know. .Users can also contact AnyDesk's team directly, after which their team can block users' rights to that fraud forever.




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