Did you know the advantages of sleeping beauty?

Aug 06 2019 03:08 PM
Did you know the advantages of sleeping beauty?

You must have heard of 'Beauty Sleep'. It is very beneficial for you. You cannot ignore the effects of sleep on hair and skin. Sleeping beauty is beneficial for your skin and health. Experts say, 'we consider 8 hours of sleep at night as the best beauty treatment that protects against a variety of skin and hair problems.'

Do These Things Before Sleeping
Take a bath with lukewarm water and then put a moisturizer on the entire body, including your face, which will keep your body hydrated.
Use night creams that contain vitamin C, hydrocinolone, etc. if needed. They are good for your skin.

Repair the damaged skin
Stress increases the level of cortisol causing hair loss and acne problems. Sleep is the best solution to reduce cartilage levels. When cartilage is low, the body itself begins to repair its damage.

Increase blood circulation
Sleep improves blood circulation and lymphatic system functioning thereby correcting various podiatric damages. Oxygen and nutrition reach every cell and give them energy. Apart from skin and hair, having better blood circulation also has a good effect on other body parts.

Avoid aging of the skin
Sometimes at an early age, the skin has problems like wrinkles, shrubs, and skin hanging. Good sleep reduces all this as the body goes against gravity during sleep, thereby slowing down the skin's aging process.

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